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Desert Tour Bike Excursion

Tour Data
Length: 41 km
Time needed: About 3 to 3½ hours
Tour Description
We leave at the bikecenter at 09:30 am and exit Corralejo through a developing area in the West of town. The dirt road leads us around a chain of 40 000 years old volcanoes to Lajares. After some climbs and downhills we reach the 'Calderon Hondo', the last volcano in the chain, and we turn on a path made out of lava rock, that brings us to a fast downhill to Lajares.
We cross through Lajares to the roundabout to El Cotillo, where we leave the main road and follow a small path. It has some parts whith quite deep sand, which can make it hard to keep going. But once we're up on the pass we are rewarded with a great view down to 'El Roque', 'El Cotillo' and the West Coast.

After the downhill we take a short break at the 'Torre del Toston', a tower from the 18th century which was build to protect the harbour from Pirates. From there we take the new bike path back to Lajares and than follow the main road back to Corralejo.

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