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Guided Bike Tours in Fuerteventura

Would you like to make guided tours in the North of Fuerteventura the adventurous way, but not without a local guide who knows his way around? Then join one of our guided Easy Riders Mountain bike Tours!
We have excursions in 4 different levels, Level 1 being the easy going, relaxed ones for everybody who doesn´t really want to do lots of sport on holiday but still would like to explore the island a little bit. Every following level is a bit more difficult and longer, up to level 4 tours, which are quite challenging, even for the most experienced.

Guided Tours in Fuerteventura

Our smaller tours take you for example on the beautiful and uninhabited island of Los Lobos where you can discover over 150 so called „hornitos“ – small volcanoes – and one big crater to climb. From up there you get unbelievable views over to Lanzarote and over the whole island of Los Lobos and of course you´ll see big parts of the north of Fuerteventura from a completely new perspective.
In case you’d rather stay on Fuerteventura, why don’t join our Sightbiking Tour to the „Cueva del Llano“, the world largest lava tube. Since the cave is over 800 000 years old, its sediments give evidence of the massive changes the island went through over the years. A very interesting Tour, that'll give you a different view on Fuerteventura.

Guided Tours in Fuerteventura

With all the other excursions you have the possibility to explore the north of Fuerteventura in smaller or larger bits, depending on how much you want to do. We offer routes from 20 km to 80 km, so that everybody can choose the perfect tour, depending on his biking experience. You’ll be surprised by the variety of Fuerteventura’s landscape, when you only see sand and rocks at first. We’ll show you dried out riverbeds, giant sand dunes, large lava fields, impressive chains of volcanoes, wild coastlines, lonely bays and beaches and green oasis.
Experience the unique tranquility of Fuerteventura that gave the island its nickname: la isla tranquilla

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