Canary Islands, Spain


Monday to Sunday

09:00-13:00 / 17:00-20:00

Killer Loop Bike Excursion

Tour Data

 60 km
 About 3 to 3 ½ hours

We leave at the bikecenter at 09:30 am and exit Corralejo to the south. We drive by Tamaragua and than turn towards Lajares, but after only a kilometer we turn on a dirt road, that leads up the hill to Villaverde. After the climb to Villaverde we cross the town and enjoy a short downhill to La Oliva. In the center of the small town, by the church, we turn towards 'La Caldereta' and Vallebron.
We ride by the 'Casa de los Coroneles' and start a 3 kilometer long climb to the Valley of Vallebron. Vallebron is a beautyful Valley off the beaten track, so there is almost no traffic. As we enjoy the incredible fast downhill we don't have to worry about cars, it's very rare to meet anyone on the road there.
To get out of the valley again we need to do another climb, but it's quite short and we are rewarded with an fantastic view on the Mount 'Tindaya' and a very, very fast downhill, that's longer than the climb to get there. We cross the main road and drive around the 'Tindaya' on a dirt road, that leads through a goat farm back to La Oliva and Villaverde. In Villaverde we turn once again on a dirt track and ride around the 'Montaña Negra', a small volcano. We get back to the main road by Tamaragua and drive back to Corralejo from there.