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Lobos Island Tour

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 15 km
 About 3 to 3 ½ hours

Lobos Isle is situated some 2 km northeast of Fuerteventura, separated by a stretch of water no deeper than 10 m called El Río, in the Bocaina Straits. The isle is clearly visible from Corralejo. Tts coastline is dotted with salt marshes of extreme biological importance, where several species of birds come to nest on the cliff faces of La Caldera Mountain, particularly Herring gulls and Cory shearwaters.


The island is a popular location for day trips for tourists visiting from Fuerteventura who have an interest in flora, fauna and geology. Regular boat services ferry passengers from Corralejo harbour during daylight hours. To protect the natural landscape from human impact, access is limited to restricted areas and to a series of biking trails, marked by directional signs to protect the conservation areas. The paths take visitors from the boat jetty through a varied landscape, including to the lighthouse at Punto Martino and to the top of the caldera. There is a small, sheltered sea lagoon, Playa de la Concha, with a sandy beach for bathing.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable biking day on a real desert island! The crossing starts at the port of Corralejo and we’ll sail through crystal clear waters of different hues of blue and green, hugging the north-eastern coastline of Fuerteventura, dominated by the impressive dune system of Corralejo. The boat is specially designed for sailing close to the coast in shallow waters and its manoeuvrability, size and solidity make it ideal for you enjoy close up views of the shore. After approximately 15 minutes you will disembark on the beautiful Lobos Island (declared a nature reserve in 1982) and discover a natural paradise with no cars or pollution and life goes on at a different pace.

We leave from the bike center at 09:15 am and drive to the Corralejo Harbour. At 09:30 am we load the bikes on the ferry and have the opportunity to look around the harbour a little, since our boat is leaving at 10:00 am. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes. On Lobos we first ride to 'El Puertito', once a place for Corralejos fishermen to store their fish, today a summer residence for a few local families, the village is uninhabited most of the year.

From 'El Puertito' we ride to the East Coast to a place called 'Las Lagunitas'. The special thing about those 'Small Lagunes' is a plant that survives there, although the place is flooded with seawater at high tide and the soil is therefore very salty. But this plant manages anyway and brings a little green in the landscape.

Lobos Island Views

From 'Las Lagunitas' we ride north to the lighthouse of Los Lobos, where we stop for a short break and great views of Lanzarote. From there we ride to the only Volcano with a Crater, 'La Caldera', where we leave the Mountainbikes and hike up to the peak. It´s only a 15 minutes walk and it´s worth the effort, the views are fantastic.

Lobos Mountain Bike Tour

Back down we ride back to the port where we can already see our ferry heading towards us from Corralejo. After a 15 minutes ride we are back on Fuerteventura and ride back to the bikecenter.

Lobos Bike Excursion