Canary Islands, Spain


Monday to Sunday

09:00-13:00 / 17:00-20:00

La Matilla Tour Bike Excursion

Tour Data

 80 km.
 About 5 to 5½ hours

We leave at the bikecenter at 09:30 am and drive on the main road south past Tamaragua, where we turn towards Lajares. After about a kilometer we leave the main road and take the dirt road up to Villaverde and down on the other side to La Oliva. In La Oliva we turn to another dirt road, that leads past the Mountain 'Tindaya' to the Mountain 'Montaña de la Muda', where is a statue of the famous poet Miguel Unamuno. From there we ride a short bit on the main road to La Matilla, where we turn on a small road that ends in a big valley. We have to carry our Mountainbikes for a few hundret meters, before climbing up on the opposite side a little, where we'll find out of nowhere another dirt road, that brings us down to Guisguey.
In Guisguey we turn north and follow a small path over sometimes quite steep hills that leads us to a bigger dirt road, which meets the main road in 'La Caldereta'. We only cross the road there and follow another track downhill into a small valley. The short but steep climb at the end of the valley brings us to La Oliva, where we ride around the Mountain 'Escanfraga' and the smaller volcano 'Montaña Negra', before we come back to the main road near Tamaragua. From there we ride directly back to Corralejo.