Canary Islands, Spain


Monday to Sunday

09:00-13:00 / 17:00-20:00

Menhir Majanicho Bike Tour

Tour Data

 29 km
 About 2 ½ to 3 hours

We leave at 09:30 am at the bikecenter and exit Corralejo through a developing area in the west of Corralejo. We take a dirt track, that leads around a 40 000 years old chain of volcanoes to Lajares. After a few ups and downs we reach the 'Calderon Hondo', the last volcano in the chain and the only one with a round crater edge. We take a small path made of lava rocks, that brings us to the foot of the mountain. There we leave the Mountainbikes and take a short hike up to the crater. From the wooden platform that was build right on the edge we have an impressive view into the crater and also to the North Shore and the 'Malpais'.
Back at the Mountainbikes we follow the lava-rock path to a spectacular downhill to Lajares.
In Lajares we turn North and ride on a concrete road, straight as an arrow, down to Majanicho, a small fishing village. From there on we follow the North Shore back to Corralejo.